A Small Living world is a simulation/strategy game where you create a small living ecosystem from a empty desert.

! Game on HOLD !
development on hold until further notice.

Dev. Log
november 24, 2010 Heal Command + Apple Tree + Apple
You can't be a God without the healing touch. Now, we have a command to heal any living entity. The Kill is already working.
Also, a new tree, a Apple Tree. Ok, this looks like nothing, but this hides the complexe linked entity system. Entities can now be linked together. For example, apple are linked to the tree. So when the tree move, the apple follow. And they can also be unlinked anytime, by the god hand, or by falling when they are ready to be eated.
november 6, 2010 Visual FX + God Hand + Cattail
A new plante, the Cattail, the first to grow on both ground and water.
Added also a new system for Visual FX. When the player uses the water or fertilizer tool, he see a animation on the screen. Other will be inserted.
And finaly, the God Hand command. This will allow to interact directly with the living entity, picking them up, or simply killing them (HaHaHaHa... ha..... ha).
octobre 28, 2010 New plant + refactoring
Two new plant species have been added : the Cactus and a simple Tree. They are still many adjustment to do on them.
I have also done some adjustment on the water draining system and refactor the entity component system.
octobre 22, 2010 Entity System / Plant
The first trace of life make it apparence. Plants starts to populate the Small Living World. I have coded the Entity System to support Plant, Still Object and Animal. I will put a lot of work on the Plant before moving to animal.
Also, we can see the selected Plant information in the right panel.
Yes, the Red Arrow is in the game... for real... no joke. An other reason why we should never let a programer do UI...
octobre 8, 2010 Water Tile Border
Visualy, you can see the addition of the border between the water tile and the ground tile. Even if this is prog art, it adds a lot to the look. Also, behind the hood, the base for the Save File is now in place. Game File can be saved and loaded from the system panel.
octobre 1, 2010 Command Bar
Now that the new Widget Interface is in place, I was able to setup the Main Command Bar. From this Command Bar, the user will execute his God Command. Tab image in the right expand to a full panel of button. The control will also display is Power Gauge. Notice the prog art at is best.
september 24, 2010 Widget Interface
In less than two, the base widget system is up. The widgets will manage all user interfaces, from the message box to the main command control. And my biggest surprise, my custom transparency graph function is hyper fast. I can render very large transparent box without any noticeable frame rate drop.
september 19, 2010 First version.
After months of under-the-cover development, the first running version with a visual is ready to be showed. The base water cycle is already in place (drainage/evaporation/precipitation). I have also added a ground-map filter to help debugging this thing.