Privacy Policy

Small Living World

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We do not collect or share any personal information.
Anyhow, there is no way to enter personal information with the Small Living World game app. And even if you write your name with flowers on the grass, we will not see it.

If you email us, we may keep your email as a reference internaly, but we will never share your address with third parties.

Previous 2022, there was a feature that allows you to share purchased items through an email on a voluntary base ( for internal statistics ). But this feature was removed in February 2022.

Ads : The optional advertisement watching features (only present in the free version) is managed by Google Ads and it is subject to the platform privacy terms.

Payment : Payment transactions are managed by your platform owner ( Google, Apple, Microsoft ). When doing a payment transaction, you are subject to the platform privacy policy.

Data Backup : If you activate the backup service of your device platform, you are then subject to the privacy policy of the backup service.

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