Small Living World Tutorial


Please, take 30 seconds to read this short tutorial.
It will help, I promise.

Step ONE

Start by planting flowers and grass around the Tree Of Life.
Select the tool from the PLANT command panel and double tap inside the world screen.

Step TWO

Then, expand to the side lands with small plants, herbs and shrubs. Start small and grow slowly.
Check plants happiness using the status icons.


Before introducing bigger trees, be sure to have enough soil depth.
Each plant has their own requirements.
And you have to figure them out.


The higher your score is, the faster the point increase.
Try to focus on raising your score first.
Also, look for trophies for serious point bonus.


Animals are available later in the game when a large ecosystem is already in place. Otherwise they will starve quickly.
To be able to reproduce and be happy, animals need company.


That's it. Growing slowly is the key.
Relax, take your time.
Explore the possibilities and have fun.

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